Client: Tigertail & Mary | Meyer Davis NYC

AD: Shannon Senyk & Jackie Sayet

Originally I was commissioned for two patterned wallpapers, but the end result was so enjoyed that elements of the wallpapers were selected for additional use in the restaurant's overall brand identity, being featured on ceramic plates, menus, online, t-shirts and social media posts.

Inspiration for the patterns came from the area itself; the restaurant is situated within Miami's Coconut Grove neighbourhood, a lush coastal landscape filled with flowering tropical trees and sounds of the sea. The area was founded by the Peacock family, and also plays home to two botanical gardens. One of these gardens breeds peacocks (which can be found wandering all over the neighbourhood now); and pulling flowers from the local flora, the botanical gardens, and the many frolicking peacocks (a cheeky nod to the founding family too), this whimsical final pattern came together. 

*Onsite images pulled from Instagram.

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