Company: Figo Fabrics

AD: Ghazal Razavi

16 fabric designs for quilting fabrics, part of Figo Fabrics' second collection release.

Salt Wind

Laughing gulls circle overhead, floating about in oyster-coloured skies before the fog rolls in. On the water, in lines looking like strings of beads, the buoys of mussel socks dance with the waves. Walking the shoreline in Prince Edward island is a sensory dream; under booted-feet crunches the beach's mosaic covering of scallop and mussel shells, while surrounding you thickets of daisies sway and hundreds of pink wild roses perfume the air. Every-so-often out of the russet mud peaks an odd bit of china, the willow pattern still vivid, gleaming through decades of tidal wear. Towards the salt marshes, if you watch the shallow waters carefully, a myriad of tiny crabs scuttle in the grasses and drifting sea fronds. Amid the greens, their delicate red shells appear like rubies. Pipers and plovers wade the beach and over all blows the gentle salt wind.

This pattern collection is a love letter to maritime Canada, a place where inspiration grows at your very fingertips and, though dwelling provinces away, half my heart always remains.

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